Contact Names/Numbers

Mr. Rustom Manecksha
Mr. Ted McDermott
Mr. Arun Thomas

01 414 4164 / 4144 099 / 414 3863

Description of Department/Services

The urology department provides a wide range of service for all patients with cancerous and non-cancerous problems of the genitourinary tract, i.e. kidneys, bladder, prostate, testes and penis.

The urology outpatient department is a purpose-built, self-contained unit, with it’s own registration and waiting area. It has consultation rooms and procedure rooms for outpatient-based flexible cystoscopy, prostate biopsies, urodynamics and uroflowmetry, extra corporeal shockwave lithotripsy and other outpatient-based procedures.

Patient Information

GU Outpatients Team leader : Catherine Ryan - (01-414 3800)

GU Clinic Appointments: Mary Lawless (01-414 4098)
Carolyne Muldowney (01-414 4099)

GU Outpatients: Patricia McLoughlin Clinical Nurse Manager
(01-414 4165, 01-414 4792)

Urodynamics: Eileen Doyle Clinical Nurse Specialist
(01-414 4173)

Cancer Nurse Coordinator: Karen Fitzmaurice (01-414 4159)

Early Prostate Cancer Nurse: Liz McEvoy (01-414 4753)

Lithotripsy / ESWL: 01 – 414 4174

Urology Cancer Nurse Coordinator

The role of the Urology Cancer Nurse Coordinator is to:

  • Provide emotional, social and informational support
  • Act as a patient advocate within the multidisciplinary team and communicate with the multidisciplinary team regarding the patient’s welfare.
  • Provide a seamless service as the patient moves from one modality of treatment to another
  • Be a link between the hospital and community care and ensure the patient has a point of contact if required 
  • Provide education to empower the patient to make a decision re treatment options

The office is open from Monday to Thursday Tel: 01 414 4159