Quality, Safety and Risk Management Directorate

Contact Names/Numbers

Professor Catherine Wall – Director
Tel: 01 414 2353

Description of department/service

Welcome to the Quality, Safety & Risk Management Directorate

Our vision is to embed a comprehensive quality, safety and patient-centred care culture throughout the hospital, promote continuous improvement in care, safeguard patient and staff safety, decrease potential risks as well as manage and learn from incidents

The Directorate has three main divisions. The first is focussed on Safety and Risk Management and includes our Risks and Incident Management Department as well as our Health and Safety Department. The second is focussed on Quality Improvement and includes our Clinical Audit Department, our Research Ethics Department and sections devoted to Quality Improvement Support and Training and Policy Development. The final Department is Occupational Health which is focussed on maintaining and improving the health of our staff as well as supporting them back to work following sick leave.