TUH Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022
This report highlights a significant reduction in its waiting times for daycase procedures. The Hospital’s annual report for 2022, reveals there was an 82% reduction in the number of patients waiting longer than 12 months for a daycase procedure. Overall this particular waiting list fell from 262 in January 2022 to 48 in December 2022. This was primarily as a result of the Hospital opening its new Reeves Day Surgery Centre.

Annual Report 2021
The comprehensive report outlines what was achieved by the staff, management and board of the Hospital in a year which saw the continuation of a pandemic and a crippling cyber-attack on the national healthcare system. The Hospital was fortunate that it had previously invested in the digital infrastructure protected the organisation from the conti cyber-attack, initially access to national systems were halted but the internal network continued to function. This enabled hospital staff to work with minimum disruption to patient care. 

Annual Report 2020
The 2020 Annual Report outlines what was achieved by the staff, management and board of the Hospital in a year of significant and unprecedented pressure on the Hospital. Despite the challenges the Hospital maintained and delivered on the Hospital’s strategy with tremendous progress made on implementation across six priority strategy areas. With a clear focus on future development the Hospital has announced plans to recruit an additional 300 staff including Nursing, Medical, Health & Social Care Professionals and Administrative staff. The plan is to recruit the additional staff over the next 12-18 months to support expansion and enhancement of services across the Hospital.

Annual Report 2019
In 2019 the number of Adult ED attendances increased year on year by 3% a continuing trend for the last few years with the expectation that it will continue into the future. There were 17,886 inpatient admissions, with admissions from every county in Ireland. The number of patients over 75 years also increased by 3%. The age profile of the Hospital’s patients has transitioned from a younger population to a graduate progression to an older age profile. This demographic trend presents both challenges and opportunities for the Hospital. Year on year the inpatient and daycase waiting lists are down by 3% and 14% respectively. This reduction is a result of a combination of targeted insourcing and outsourcing initiatives. You can access the document via this link

Annual Report 2018
There were over 420,000 patient episodes of care delivered at Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) last year, according to the Hospital annual report for 2018 published today. The number of Adult Emergency Department attendances increased by 2% over the previously rear bringing the total to over 51,000. Admissions of adult patients totalled 18,694 with an increase in acuity, age and complexity of patients. There were over 32,400 attendances at the Children’s Emergency Department and over 5,574 child admissions.

Tallaght University Hospital, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018, is one of the country’s largest acute teaching hospitals and a centre of excellence for a large number of specialties.  A full copy of the report can be found through this link

Annual Report 2017
The 2017 annual report highlights the continued high standards of care being maintained by the Hospital despite sustained pressure to meet increasing demands with less resources.

Year on year, the Hospital has experienced an increase in emergency activity but in 2017, attendances to the adult emergency department exceeded 50,000 for the first time since opening, representing a 2% increase since 2016. In total, there were over 83,100 attendances by adults and children to the ED in 2017. The report also shows a big increase in the number of adult inpatient emergency admissions from 15,788 in 2016 to 16,349 in 2017. A full copy of the report can be found through this link.

Tallaght University Hospital Annual Report 2016
Tallaght Hospital has released its 2016 Annual Report which shows that despite a significant increase in numbers attending the Emergency Department (ED). The Hospital successfully maintained its positive Patient Experience Times (PETs). While adult ED attendances rose by more than 9% (4,100+) to 49,663 in 2016 compared to 2015, half of patients were discharged within six hours and almost three quarters (72%) were discharged within nine hours. These rates were in line with 2015 figures, demonstrating that the Hospital is maintaining its high standards despite increased demand. You can access a full copy of the report through this link

Tallaght University Hospital Annual Report 2015 - People Caring for People 
The 2015 Annual Report shows significant reductions in waiting times across a variety of key services, including Stroke and Endoscopy. These improvements have been welcomed by Hospital management, as evidence of the continually improving standards at the hospital while acknowledging that further improvements in access times are required. The report highlights that the average length of stay for Stroke victims fell to a two year low and Tallaght Hospital retains one of the lowest mortality rates for Stroke victims in the country. In addition, waiting times for patients requiring Endoscopies decreased by 46%, leading to increased access to urgent endoscopy where required. The report can be accessed through this link

Tallaght University Hospital Annual Report 2014
TUH published its Annual Report for 2014 detailing the Hospital’s governance, performance and achievements. The Annual Report, entitled People Caring for People, reflects an emphasis on a patient centred approach to care as well as outlining the future direction of the Hospital in terms of capital investments and improved models of care.  A full copy of the Report is available here