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Nursing Staff

At Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) we value your Nursing Qualification. The Hospital offers opportunities at all levels. The Graduate Nurse Support Programme enables graduate nurses to begin their nursing careers here in TUH in a well-supported, dynamic and inclusive work environment and to become an integral part of Dublin’s fastest growing hospital.

The Graduate Nurse Support Programme equips newly graduated nurses with the skills and confidence to excel in their nursing careers here in TUH. The programme is aimed at nurses who are newly qualified or less than two years qualified and wish to gain experience in a vibrant and technologically advanced acute clinical environment. You can learn more about our Graduate Nurse Support Programme via this link

As the Hospital works to open its extended Intensive Care Unit our Critical Care Clinical Facilitators have developed a novel 12 week supernumerary programme for graduate nurses in Critical Care. This course is the first of its type in the country the Hospital is future proofing our workforce, protecting our patients' needs by delivering high-quality, evidence-based patient centred care. You can learn more about the programme via this link 

Nurse Training

At TUH we have a long and proud tradition in Nurse training. 

Nurse training is a four year (honours) degree programme with Trinity College Dublin as the academic partner to TUH. Nurse training in TUH enables you not only to experience Medical and Surgical Nursing placement but also gives you a chance to explore the specialist areas of the Hospital such as the Children’s Services , Emergency Department, Operating Theatres, Intensive Care and Renal to name but a few of the specialities of the Hospital.

TUH is about people caring for people. A team approach is taken to all patient care and as an undergraduate student Nurse you will become part of that team.

During your Nurse training in this Hospital you will be supported by the Nurse Practice Development Department, the Clinical Nurse Managers and the staff Nurses.
With our academic partner Trinity College Dublin you may choose to study General Nursing or General and Children’s which enables you to register as a Registered General Nurse & Children’s Nurse on completion of your studies. 

Nursing is a profession that is about lifelong learning. When you qualify as a registered General Nurse or a Children’s & General Nurse on the Children’s and General Integrated Degree Programme there are many options available to you if you choose to specialise or continue in academia. TUH in partnership with Trinity College Dublin run a wide variety of Post Graduate Diplomas in specialist Nursing if you continue on this pathway you may obtain your Masters in Nursing.

Meath link for entry to Nursing on CAO

Adelaide link for entry to Nursing on CAO

Below are some insights into Nurse training at TUH from recent and current Undergraduate Nurses.

Brian Jordan,
Brian Jordan
Where to begin! Firstly, Tallaght University Hospital is without a doubt a dedicated teaching hospital. Every ward that I’ve been fortunate enough to carry out placement in has been exceptional to date. I’m constantly astounded by the dedication and enthusiasm that innumerable nurses have shown towards me, no matter how much time it took out of their day. Their constant support is probably my biggest motivation day in and day out. The Clinical Place Coordinators are also always there to help – one in particular helped me carry out an entire admission just to make sure I felt confident in them (Apologies again for taking the better part of two hours!). Nursing can be difficult at times, there’s a plethora of challenges to overcome; however, TUH has such wonderful facilities dedicated to students and will do their best to support you throughout your training. Now I know I shouldn’t play favourites, but if you’re struggling to decide on your base hospital, I would highly suggest you choose Tallaght University Hospital – no other hospital can guarantee such a consistently high quality of training.
Herty Anom, Nurse Training
Henrietta Anom
My decision to study nursing was significantly influenced by an encounter I had with some nurses. Having encountered and observed the high level of care and professionalism displayed by these nurses, I was convinced that nursing was the profession I aspired to. My training in Tallaght University Hospital has been a step in the right direction. The nurses here are highly skilled, very friendly and work to create environments which facilitate learning and development. I have learned that no question is a silly one; and it is only through asking and being facilitated that my confidence as a student nurse has improved. Student nurses are valued as members of the Multidisciplinary Team. Student placement coordinators are outstanding in ensuring that students gain exposure to as many clinical procedures and educational training as possible. I deem it as a privilege to be training in Tallaght University Hospital and on the way to be one good nurse!
Saroja Bhandari, Nurse Training
Saroja Bhandari
Training in Tallaght University Hospital as both a children’s and general nurse has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me. During my training, I learned to promote optimum health, prevent ill health and provide holistic care to patients across the life span. I found it challenging at times when switching between children’s and general placements in the Hospital. However, the support and guidance provided by the staff nurse made this transition easier. The staff also taught me to integrate theory and practice to provide patient-centred care. Along with being trained in the ward, I also got to train in a variety of specialities within the hospital which facilitated continuous learning and reassured me about the wide range of career options available to me once I am qualified. Training as a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital not only prepared me for my nursing career, it also changed my outlook of life and made me realise the importance of good health.
Kate Jester, Student Nurse
Kate Jester
The four years that I have spent training to be a nurse in Tallaght University Hospital have been filled with countless positive experiences, enabling me to grow to be a confident and competent healthcare professional. Throughout my training, Tallaght University Hospital has allowed me to develop my communication, interpersonal and especially my clinical nursing skills. The support and guidance from staff is incredible from the entire Multidisciplinary Team and the Clinical Placement Co-ordinators. The nursing staff are eager to teach and encourage students to participate in all learning opportunities. During my internship especially, I felt that the staff embraced us students as part of their team, making work an enjoyable place to be. Getting to work in so many different departments of the hospital including the wards and specialist areas has provided me with a vast range of knowledge and new skills. Training in this hospital has enabled me to feel confident and greatly prepared to begin my nursing career.
Trainee Nurses Tallaght University Hospital

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)

ANPs use advanced critical nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills to independently provide optimum patient care through caseload management of acute and chronic illness. They are expert in clinical practice and educated to masters level or above. We currently have 10 such posts in place and are keen to grow these numbers as they are an essential part of our strategy in developing nursing supports for our patients and the healthcare journey they take with us.  For further details on our Advanced Nurse Practitioners please click on this link

Assistant Director of Nursing

Nursing Bank

Health Care Assistant

Our Medical Specialties include:

Age Related Health Care
Emergency Medicine
General Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Our Surgical Specialties include:
Elective & Trauma Orthopaedics

Our Paediatric Specialties include:
Emergency Department

Pharmaceutical Staff

Laura Slevin, Pharmacy
Laura Slevin
Pharmacy Department
Team Leader of the Aseptic Unit

I am currently working as the Team Leader of the Aseptic Unit in the Pharmacy Department at Tallaght Hospital. The Aseptic Unit is where individually tailored chemotherapy and biologic preparations are made for our patients. The unit is a highly specialised area and I am responsible for ensuring that all staff working in the area are trained in all of our standard operating procedures, the scheduling or rosters for the most effective and efficient deployment of staff so there is no delay in turnaround of requests for delivery of treatment to patients. I thoroughly enjoy working in such a busy teaching hospital where you are encouraged and supported to continue training and upskilling. The sense of teamwork and support from colleagues is exceptional and makes it a great place to work.’

Working at Tallaght University Hospital

Siobhan Ryan Laboratory
Siobhán Ryan
Senior Medical Scientist 
Blood Transfusion Laboratory

“As part of the Blood Transfusion Laboratory team we provide safe, compatible blood and blood products for patients in urgent and routine procedures.

It is a busy, dynamic environment that I enjoy working in the Hospital, the incredible team spirit, support and camaraderie amongst my colleagues makes it a great place to work.”

Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson
Facilities Officer

"I work in the Centre for Learning & Development and manage the booking of rooms for conferences, meetings, lectures for Trinity medical students, tutorials and other events in the Hospital.

As a teaching hospital it is always busy with support required to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues on the day of an event as well as planning ahead for the very busy events scheduled we have running. I have worked in Tallaght University Hospital for 17 years, it is the friendly nature of the staff and the diversity in my role that is so enjoyable."

Shirley Ingram
Shirley Ingram
Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurse Prescriber
"Working as part of the nurse-led chest pain service, we offer safe, competent and compassionate care to our patients. The interdisciplinary ethos, amongst healthcare professionals and support staff is vital to the service and is just one of the reasons Tallaght University Hospital is a great place to work. I am fortunate to work as part of a great team that delivers great care for our patients."

"I have always been proud to call myself a nurse but am particularly proud to call myself a Tallaght Nurse." - Helen Corrigan, CNM3 Renal Services

Michelle Clancy, ED
Michele Hogan
Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the Adult ED Ambulatory Care Unit
"I work as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the Adult Emergency Department (ED) Ambulatory Care Unit. I work autonomously in collaboration with the ED team providing accessible high quality health care to patients. I examine, diagnose, prescribe, treat, council and educate patients about their healthcare needs.
I love being an ANP as I get to work with people and their families. The dynamic nature of the ED makes everyday a learning experience and this is why I enjoy my job so much. I started working in Tallaght University Hospital as a staff nurse in the ED in 2005. With the help and support of the Hospital I qualified as an ANP in 2015 and now have my dream job."

Geraldine Kyle
Geraldine Kyle
Nurse Tutor

"I work as a nurse tutor in our Centre for Learning & Development at Tallaght University Hospital. I facilitate the training of Healthcare Assistants, who are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team caring for patients. I am also involved in a range of ongoing education opportunities for our nurses and other staff within the Hospital. I have worked in Tallaght University Hospital for over 15 years and enjoy the support of colleagues in my role. This Hospital is an organisation where staff are keen to learn and develop as individuals, as well as continuously looking for ways to improve services for our patients. As a teacher that certainly makes my role enormously rewarding."

Anthony Kearney
Anthony Kearney
Adult Emergency Department (ED)
"I started working in Tallaght University Hospital as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in 2014. I work in an Ambulatory Care Unit with three ANP colleagues. I assess diagnose treat and discharge patients who attend the ED ambulatory care department.
From the moment I arrived in the Hospital I have felt very supported in any educational or clinical need. Tallaght is an excellent teaching hospital with a wide variety of specialities. As a professional  I feel very privileged to be associated with such an establishment and to be able to practice within such an efficient and specialised unit. It is empowering to have a positive impact on a patients journey through the ED."
Roisin Flynn, Occupational Therapy
Roisin Flynn
Occupational Therapy

I am a senior Occupational Therapist working on the general medical and surgical wards.

My job is to assess a patients ability to carry out activities of daily living such as washing, dressing, feeding, toileting and cooking and to help them to be as independent as possible. As part of my role I sometimes carry out a home assessment to facilitate safe discharge from the hospital and maximise independence for the patient when they get home. Other assessments may include upper limb assessment with splinting as required, wheelchair and seating assessments and cognitive assessments if a patient is having memory difficulties.

The two things I like most about working here is the friendly atmosphere within the Hospital and the community spirit in Tallaght.  

Maguerite Vaughan
"I am a clinical pharmacist in the Stroke & Age Related Healthcare team. Part of my role is to review patient’s medication history to ensure there are no omissions or errors in their medication during their stay in the Hospital. I work with the medical teams every day and give advice on various medication issues such as drug dosing, medication side effects and drug interactions. I also work in an outpatient atrial fibrillation clinic, which is the first of its kind in the country. I work alongside members of the cardiology/stroke teams to advise on anti-coagulation choices, calculating  appropriate drug doses and educating patients on their new medications. There are many things that I enjoy about working here but one of the best things is working as part of an inter-disciplinary team environment, the general camaraderie that exists within the Hospital and the incredible support from the organisation to further your training and education".

Temitope Agbele
Temitope Agbele
Senior Medicine Management Technician
My role is busy and varied. I work on the general medical and surgical wards, ordering and maintaining drug stocks in accordance with our top-up policy and procedures. I order and maintain medicines from the pharmacy for the duration of a patients stay thereby reducing the nursing time spent on ordering medication and more importantly reducing the incidence of missed patient doses. I also work with the Dispensary Manager in the training of our pharmaceutical technician staff and general pharmacy staff. As a very busy teaching hospital, Tallaght University Hospital provides me with a dynamic working environment in which I am always learning and developing my skills. The opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team is quite motivating and I have had the opportunity to attend conferences and courses at home and abroad.

Meet Members of the Team at Tallaght University Hospital