Visitor Information

Accommodation for Relatives

Accommodation for Relatives in the Adult Hospital
If a relative of a very ill patient wishes to stay overnight in the Hospital, the nurse-in-charge in the ward will try to help.

Accommodation for Relatives in the National Children's Hospital (NCH)
Parents’ accommodation is available for those who wish to stay overnight. If you do not wish to avail of this facility, the staff on the ward will do their best to provide you with a camp bed in your child's room. The camp bed is folded away in the morning so the floor can be cleaned. Bathroom and shower facilities are available for resident parents.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
Staff on reception can provide details on local places to stay. 



Restricted visiting remains in place in the Hospital.  In exceptional circumstances (such as end of life or critical care), visiting will be facilitated only by prior agreement with your loved ones Ward Manager and / or medical team.  Our front of house staff are notified daily of patients for whom visiting has been agreed.  No other visitors are allowed.

If you have any symptoms relating to the virus, including coughing, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or a fever, please do not come to Tallaght University Hospital for an appointment, contact your GP a soon as possible.

All restrictions are reviewed regularly and altered accordingly in line with public health guidance.  Please continue to wash your hands regularly, maintain social distance, wear a face mask or a face covering when in public indoor spaces and look out for each other.  #TUHWorkingTogether.

Patient Care Packages 20.08.2020PATIENT CARE PACKAGE SERVICE  

Family and Friends of patients can drop off essential patient property such as clothes, toiletries and reading material for their loved at the Patient Care Package drop off point on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2pm – 4pm. *Please do not drop items to this area outside of these opening times*

Please note that valuable or breakable items cannot be accepted as part of this process. The Hospital cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property at any time.

Items going out from the hospital, such as laundry, will be brought from each ward to the Patient Care Package Service Point on service operating days for collection by family members.


send love

Sending Love

Due to the current visiting restrictions in Tallaght University Hospital why not email a loved one a letter while they are a patient here in the hospital.

Please include Patient’s full name, Ward Name and the first line of their address and we will deliver your letter to them.

Hospital Facilities

Banking Facilities
There is an ATM machine in the main entrance hall of the Hospital. 

Canteens and Coffee Shops
Relatives and visitors are welcome to use any of our canteen/coffee shop facilities. The hospital canteen is called the Phoenix Restaurant and provides a variety of hot meals. The Phoenix is open from 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

A shop located in the main entrance hall of the Hospital where you can buy confectionery, soft drinks, ice cream newspapers, magazines, puzzle books greeting cards, toys (small selection) and toileteries. Opening hours are from 7am – 9:30pm Monday to Friday and 7am-8pm Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays.

The BaxterStorey Coffee Shop is open in the main atrium from 7am – 9:30pm Monday to Friday and 9am-8pm Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays.

The Volunteer Coffee shop is located in the reception area of the main entrance hall. It is staffed by volunteers - is open from 9:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday. In CHI at Tallaght, tea and coffee-making facilities are available for parents / guardians.

If you have a compliment or complaint about the Hospital and the care a patient received during their treatment please contact our Patient Advocacy team. Please click on this link for further information on this service

Volunteer Library for Patients
A mobile library offering books on loan, free-of-charge, to patients passes through each ward three times a week. This service is provided by volunteers in the Hospital, there is also a book stand in the Volunteer Coffee Shop in the main entrance of the hospital where patients can purchase books directly.

Mass Times/Pastoral Care
The Hospital offers patients the services of the Pastoral Care Team. The members of the ecumenical Pastoral Care Team are chaplains from four main Christian traditions. We also liaise with leaders of Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and other faiths. Each chaplain serves as a member of the healing team working with all those who care for patients.  The Hospital Chapel is located on the ground floor. To request a chaplain, please ask the nurse on duty to make contact.

Mass Services and Liturgies in the Hospital Chapel

  • 8:15am: Celebration of Mass for Staff members
  • 9:30am: Celebration of Holy Communion - Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian and other Christian traditions
  • 10:30am: Celebration of Mass for patients and families, followed by the Sacrament of the Sick for those who wish

Monday to Friday

  • 1:30pm: Celebration of Mass. In addition, a variety of other Christian services are held as announced. Sacraments for the different traditions are available on request.

Roman Catholic Ministers of the Eucharist vist the wards:

  • Sunday: after 10:30am Mass
  • Wednesday: 10:30am (approx)
  • Friday: 10:30am (approx)

Muslim prayer on a Friday takes place in the Quiet Room between 1:30pm - 2pm.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea/coffee are served on the wards for patients only. A continental breakfast is served, while patients can select from a choice of four meals at lunch and five meals at dinner. Special dietary meals are also provided.  Please ask the ward staff if you are not sure what you are allowed to eat or drink.

To reduce the risk of patients contracting food-related illnesses, we ask you to check with staff in charge before bringing in food from outside.
Visitors are welcome to use any of our canteen or coffee shops.

Medical Record
For information on your medical record or patient confidentiality, please click here.

There is a supervised playroom available to patients in the National Children’s Hospital. It is open Monday to Friday from 10am – 1pm and from 2pm – 4pm.

Postal Service
Letters and parcels are delivered to the wards on a daily basis. Letters may be posted in the letterbox in front of the main entrance doors to the hospital, or, if you are restricted to your bed, the ward clerks will post your letters. 

The Hospital is monitored by CCTV cameras both internally and externally, 24 hours a day.
Security Officers manage traffic control and routinely patrol all areas of the buildings and grounds.

All security incidents, including items lost or found, should be reported to the Security Office in the main entrance hall.

Shopping Centre
Your visitors may like to know that the Square Shopping Centre is just a few minutes walk from the Hospital. The centre has many of the big shopping chains. For more information about the shops in the centre you can contact the centre on (01) 452 5944. There is also a petrol station and cinema located near the Centre.

The Hospital's main telephone number is (01) 414 2000.
We also have a 'Direct Inward Dial' service. If you take the extension of your ward and place the prefix '414' before it, the incoming call will go through directly to your ward. A list of hospital phone numbers is available here.

As mobile phones can cause life support and diagnostic equipment to malfunction, we ask you not to use your mobile phones in areas where you see signs requesting that your phones be switched off.

Public payphones There is a public payphone located in the main reception area and on each floor for the use of patients and visitors. All these phones are coin/card operated.

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Visiting Arrangements in the Adult Hospital
Visitors are regarded as an important part of the patient's day and are very welcome. To find out what ward a patient is in, please ask at the main reception desk and they will direct you to the ward. Alternatively, you can ring (01) 414 2000 and the staff will tell you.
The welfare of the patient must, however, always be taken into consideration. If the patient is likely to become unduly upset or tired, certain visiting restrictions may be imposed. Patients need adequate rest to help the healing process.

  • Daily visiting hours in the Adult Hospital are from 2pm-4pm and 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Visits to patients in the Intensive and Coronary Care Units are restricted. Please talk to the nurses in charge. They will let you know if it is possible to visit.
  • Visiting hours for the Psychiatric Unit are between 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm daily

Please note that as a health and safety measure, flowers are not permitted at the Hospital.

Visiting Arrangements in the National Children's Hospital (NCH)
The NCH encourages parents to visit and stay with their child whenever possible, day and night. Family members such as siblings, aunts or grandparents may be allowed to visit; however, we would ask that you check with the nursing staff.

Visiting Guidelines
Visitors are regarded as an important part of the patient's day and are very welcome at Tallaght University Hospital. Please note Patient safety is our number one priority. We have strict policies on infection prevention and control which apply to everyone: staff, patients and visitors. We would ask all visitors observe the following: 

  • Only two visitors permitted to visit at any one time
  • The Hospital is a no smoking hospital this includes the use of electronic smoking devices
  • To avoid bringing infection into the ward, visitors are asked not to visit if they're suffering from colds, flu or infections
  • If you are bringing food into patients, please check with the staff in charge - this is to decrease the risk of food contamination and patients may also be on a restricted diet
  • Use visitor toilets rather than patient toilets this reduces the risk of cross-infection
  • Please dispose of any litter properly, help us to keep our communal areas and entrances clean. This includes lifts and stairwells.
  • Please note that for infection control reasons flowers or plants are not permitted
  • Please note that visiting during mealtimes is forbidden. This enables patients’ to eat and enjoy their meals uninterrupted, an essential requirement for good nutrition so our patients can recover more quickly. The only exception to this is if you are a carer providing assistance with a patient’s mealtime
  • Never bring alcohol or drugs to patients

End of life symbolIf you see this symbol when visiting the wards please be aware of its importance. This spiral symbol means that a patient is imminently dying or has died. We would ask all visitors to be respectful and avoid mobile phone use and to be prepared to meet people who are grieving during your time on the ward.