Stroke Clinic


Nurse Led Stroke Secondary Prevention Clinic

In accordance with the ‘Irish Heart Foundation National Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations for the Care of People with Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack, 2010’ Persons at risk of a stroke and those who have had a stroke should be assessed for and given information on risk factors, lifestyle management issues and should be counselled on possible strategies to modify their lifestyle and risk factors. The nurse led secondary prevention clinic was commenced in September 2012.        

 The aim of the clinic which is held from 9am-1pm every Thursday is to reduce the incidence of stroke through:

  • Assessment and treatment,
  • Patient and health care provider education on stroke prevention
  • Support and risk factor screening for stroke patients
  • Advice on lifestyle modification

Patients that attend the clinic are: patients admitted with TIA/Stroke under Stroke Service/Neurology Service, patients attending the RASP clinic and new referrals to the general stroke outpatients

 Referrals accepted from stroke service team members, ASU staff nurses and Neurology medical teams.

 The following work is undertaken at the clinic:

  • Assessing & recording vital observations
  • Assessment of current condition and any recurrence/ worsening of stroke symptoms.
  • Medication compliance
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Individualised secondary prevention education based on cardiovascular risk assessment to both patients and families.
  • Smoking cessation
  • Provision of written information
  • Referral to allied health professionals
  • Liaison with other community services e.g. Stroke support group/ PHN Volunteer stroke scheme etc
  • Application & analysis of 24hr blood pressure monitor
  • Follow up of patients entered into clinical trials where necessary
  • Genetic screening i.e Fabrys/Pompe
  • Mood assessment in liaison with neuropsychologist

 For further information please contact Stroke Clinical Nurse Specialists: Nicola Cogan or Suzanne Greene on (01) 414 3219.