Who will I meet?

Cardiologist, who is an experienced doctor specialising in inherited cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Deirdre Ward (Consultant Cardiologist) and and Dr. Derek Crinion (Consultant Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist)  
Clinical Nurse Specialists, who are experienced cardiac nurse specialising in inherited cardiovascular disease. Helen Connaughton, Rita Kinsella (sudden cardiac death nurse specialists), Ciara Barry and Laura Doorley (paediatric nurse specialists)
Cardiac Physiologist, who carry out tests such as echocardiograms (echos) and exercise testing Mark Russell (chief 1), Giedrius Michalauskas and Rachel Morgan
Administrative support staff, who organise clinic appointments, maintain medical records and type up reports from the other team members.
Deborah Blackburn and Chris O Connor 

Registrar, a senior Doctor in Training who is specialising in Cardiovascular disease and possibly Research.