Contact Names/Numbers

Contact Names/Numbers/email addresses 
Adult Dermatology Service

Professor Maureen Connolly Consultant Dermatologist
Contact Dermatology Secretary Maria Bergin 01 414 3849

Professor Anne-Marie Tobin Consultant Dermatologist
Contact Dermatology Secretary Gillian Cooney 01 414 2141
Private Rooms Contact Secretary Tammy 087 275 8380

Dr. Asad Salim, Consultant Dermatologist
Contact Number for private appointment: 089 4361442

Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specialists
Carmel Blake
Kelly Impey
Karen Delaney
Contact: 8am-4pm 01 414 2105 (A voicemail can be left during busy periods)

Dermatology Secretary (Adult Service only)
Veronica Mc Cabe
Contact Number 01 414 2141

Dermatology Admin Support Contact Number 01 414 3849
Team Leader Deirdre Brennan 
Team Members Maria Bergin


Description of Department/Service

The Department of Dermatology provides services for patients with inflammatory skin disorders, pre-cancerous skin lesions and skin cancers and sees over 12,000 patients every year. 

Outpatient clinics are run by consultant dermatologists who can refer patients to dermatology clinical nurse specialists for treatments in their nurse-led clinics. The department provides a very busy day care service for patents with inflammatory skin conditions as well as facilitating skin biopsies and minor surgical procedures.

The dermatology department treats a wide range of skin diseases and these conditions can be broken down into a number of sub-specialities including

  • Phototherapy, 
  • Allergic contact dermatitis & Patch testing
  • Cutaneous surgery
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Skin surveillance in immuno-suppression
  • Pigmented lesion surveillance
  • Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosis and treatment

All the various sub specialities work closely together to provide a high quality service to patients with chronic inflammatory skin disease and skin cancer.

Research and Clinical Trials:
The department also undertakes clinical research and clinical trials led by Dr. Anne–Marie Tobin.


The Adult Dermatology Department is located on the first floor (Level 2) in the Day Ward. Please check in for your appointment using the self-service kiosks in the front entrance of the hospital and follow the instructions printed on the ticket.

Referral Process All patients must be referred with a referral letter. All letters are triaged by a consultant dermatologist and an appointment is offered according to the clinical details provided in the referral letter.

Adult Referrals should be posted to the Central Registration Office

Private Adult Referrals should be posted to the Private Consulting Rooms, Level 4 

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