Finance Department

Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

Dermot Carter - Director of Finance
David Addie - Management Accountant
Ext: 2238

Ext: 3661

Accounts Payable
Ext: 3672 / 3667 / 3668

Accounts Receivable
Ext: 3697

Medical Health Insurance queries
Ext: 2018

(Note please dial 01 414 before each extension number)

Description of Department/Service

The Finance Department is responsible and accountable for the accuracy, quality and validity of all accounting transactions and production of monthly management and statutory financial reporting.

Financial Accounting & Compliance

The Financial Accounting unit houses the Hospital financial functions of payroll, settlements and accounts receivable (incorporating the cash office) and the compliance unit. The main roles of the division is to underpin the financial accounting processes and controls and communications process for the payment of salaries and wages to employees, invoice payments to vendors and proactively to manage the patient/agency debtor collections process.

The Compliance Division ensures that the Hospital is compliant with all applicable laws and financial regulations. Duties range from: monitoring financial transactions; compliance with accounting standards and policies; completion of the annual financial statements and coordinating the external financial audit.

Management Accounting

The Hospital operates a budgetary management process within the context of an annual service plan incorporating annual and monthly budgeting. In this context, the Management Accounting unit is responsible for all Clinical Directorates, Corporate Departments and other Cost Centres for pay, non-pay and income budget preparation.

Monthly analysis and reporting of net outturn versus plan is a core function of this unit. It is responsible for the preparation of the annual specialty costing exercise and the development of patient costing information systems.

Patient Information

Patient Invoice Payment can be made in the following ways:

1)  Online:

To use online payments you will need:-

                    a) Patients Hospital No which is shown on the invoice

                    b) The Patients Date of Birth

                    c)  Credit/Debit Card details            

2)  Credit / Debit Cards on the 24 Hour Phone Line Telephone Number: 0818 917 001    
3) By Credit / Debit Card Payments are accepted on (01) 414 3697 between 10am and 12:30pm Monday to Friday
4)  By Cheque made payable to Tallaght University Hospital – Please put the patients hospital number and invoice number on the back of the cheque
5)  By Postal / Money Order made payable to Tallaght University Hospital. Please put the patients hospital number and invoice number on the back of the postal / money order

Patient Charges

Click on link to patient information and charges