Description of Department/Service

Care delivered at the Women's Health Unit at TUH are provided by a multi-disciplinary team. The Hospital is a regional advanced endometriosis service and selected patients are operated on by multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Aoife O Neill and Professor Paul Neary.

There are a wide range of advanced nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists, all services provided by the team require a GP Referral.   

The Gynaecological Department at TUH provides a comprehensive range of services for the investigation and treatment of general gynaecological conditions including: 
- Post menopausal bleeding
- Heavy menstrual bleeding
- Suspicious symptoms
- Colposcopy
- Pelvic pain
- Urogynae (prolapse/incontinence)
- General Gynaecology
- Supra-Regional Advanced Endometriosis Service
- Ring pessary fitting clinic
- Gynaecological Ultrasound
- Pelvic floor Physiotherapy
- Reproductive endocrinology service (including PCOS referrals)