Medical Photography & Illustration

Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

Head of Department: Mr. Thomas Walsh
Departmental administrative support: Ms. Cathy Peacock
Phone:01 414 3773

Description of department/service

The Department of Medical Photography at Tallaght University Hospital provides clinical and non clinical photographic, videography and print and design services to medical and allied health professionals in the Hospital. If you are being photographed you will be provided with an information leaflet outlining why your photograph is being taken, and you will be asked to sign a consent form prior to the photographic session.


Clinical Photography is on the ground floor of the Hospital, walk past the shop in the main atrium and turn left, walk past the Meath Foundation and Adelaide Health Foundation offices on our left. Walk through the two sets of green doors, past the door with 'Switch' on the door. You will see a door bell on the wall beside a door that reads 'Medical Photography.

Press the bell so Medical Photography know you are there. The Department run an appointment system so you may be asked to wait in the corridor as the photographer may already have a patient in the studio

Where will my photographs be taken?

Photography will take place in a fully equipped studio, in outpatients or on the ward.

Who will take my photograph?

A fully qualified Medical Photographer will undertake your photography a chaperon, nurse or medical professional may be present during the photography session.

Why we take patients photographs?

When you attend as an in-patient or outpatient at Tallaght University Hospital your Doctor may request clinical Photographs of you or your child’s condition. These photograph may be used to assess your condition often over a period of time or may be used for discussion with other Doctors and allied health staff at multi-disciplinary team meeting to decide the best course of treatment for you or your child’s condition. 
As one of the largest teaching hospitals in the state, clinical photographs and video play an integral part in education across all disciplines and you may be asked for your photographs to be used for medical training purposes.