Out-Patient Department - Childrens

Description of Department/Service

Children’s Outpatients

Approximately 30,000 children attend the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Department every year, a further 9,000 attend for Blood Tests. The majority of our patients come to the Hospital for the first time as an Outpatient. Unfortunately we do not provide a walk in service, all appointments must be made in advance following a doctors referral.

NEW Appointments

You will receive your appointment date and time in the post or by telephone. If this date is not suitable please contact the Outpatients appointments desk at 01-414 2409/414 2410 as soon as possible so another child on the waiting list can be given that appointment and a new one can be scheduled for you if requested. Approximately 6,000 children do not arrive for  their appointments each year. These appointments could have been given to other children which would help to reduce the waiting time for all appointments.

Please cancel your child's appointment if you cannot attend. Do not attend if your child is unwell with diarrhoea or vomiting, flu like symptoms, has an infectious disease like chicken pox and measles or has MRSA as s/he can spread the disease to other children. Please contact us at 01-414 2663/414 3683, we will give you appropriate instructions and reschedule the appointment as necessary.

On Arrival

Please register at the brightly coloured reception desk, our receptionists will ensure that we have the correct details for your child, then take a seat until your child is called.

The Play & Art Departments play a vital role in Children’s OPD. The Play department consists of Hospital Play Specialists/Therapists and volunteers who can provide support, preparation and distraction to children and their families attending OPD. The Art Department exists to improve the Hospital environment and to provide therapeutic art and craft experiences for children. Professional artists play a significant role in the OPD on Monday and Thursday mornings, providing a child friendly environment through their arts and crafts. Toys and games are available in the waiting area. However, it is a good idea to bring a favourite book or a toy for your child. Every effort is made to make the experience as  pleasant as possible for you and your child. We would appreciate your feedback and comments. 

We ask you to turn off your mobile phone (or place it on silent mode) prior to and during your child’s consultation.


Several different clinics will be in progress at the same time so don’t be worried if children are called ahead of you despite them checking in later. Your child will be assigned a consultant. Our consultants work in multidisciplinary teams which consist of other consultants, non-consultant hospital doctors, specialist nurses and other allied health professionals. We cannot guarantee that your child will always see the consultant but be assured that he/she will be informed of all appointments and results. As we are a teaching hospital nursing or medical students may be present. If during your child’s consultation you or your child are uncomfortable about this please tell your doctor and the students will step outside.

Some clinics are also held by specialist nurses, dieticians, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.

You will be given a set time to attend the Outpatients Department and we make every effort to adhere to this time. However some appointments run late, especially when a difficult medical diagnosis or treatment has to be explained, this obviously effects subsequent appointment times. We ask for your understanding and we will keep you informed about any delays.

We recommend that you write down any questions you wish to ask the doctor prior to attending the Outpatient Clinic. This helps to avoid forgetting any questions you planned to ask.

Next Appointment

The doctor will tell you if your child needs to return to the clinic. Return appointments can be made on departure from the clinic (where you checked in at the “Lego” desk) or by telephone.

It is important to give your correct mobile telephone number when making your next appointment as you will receive a text message three days before your next appointment to remind you of the date and time.

We also want you the parent/guardian to enjoy the experience however unfortunately for the safety of the children no hot drinks are allowed in the Department .

Refreshments can be purchased from the Oasis Volunteer Coffee Shop, the hospital shop and/or the canteen. Children should be supervised at all times in the coffee shop.

Children should never be left unattended in the hospital.


We accept referrals from:

  • General Practitioners
  • Internal Hospital
  • Emergency Department External Hospitals
  • Community Services

All referrals must be made in advance of your appointment. You will receive a letter confirming the date and time in the post. If you are unsure of your child's appointment date or time please contact (01) 414 2409 or 414 2410, it would be helpful if you have your child's hospital number to hand (if you have been given one).


Services in the Paediatric Out-Patients

EndocrineRespiratoryCystic Fibrosis
Ear, Nose and ThroatGastroenterologyDentistry
Orthopaedics (Trauma)OphthalmologyChild Development
PsychiatryPsychologySpeech & Language Therapy
Phlebotomy (Blood Test)PhysiotherapyPulmonary Function Tests
Nutrition & Dietetics