Out-Patient Department

Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

Our Out Patients Department is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm below are the main numbers for each of the clinic areas in Out Patients, please note that these are shared areas so the telephone number only applies during the scheduled clinic time. 
Age Related Healthcare01 414 3215
Cardiology01 414 2086
Clinical Neurophysiology 01 414 3023
Chemical Pathology01 414 4786
Dermatology01 414 3849
Endocrinology01 414 4786
ENT01 414 2083
Gastroenterology 01 414 2091
Gynaecology01 414 2083
Haematology01 414 4072
Nephrology01 414 2353
Neurology01 414 2443
Oncology01 414 4219
Optamology01 414 2083
Orthopaedics01 414 2082
Palliative01 414 2038
Pain Medicine01 414 3104
Psychiatry01 414 2443
Rheumatology  01 414 3849
Rehabilitation01 414 3108
Respiratory01 414 2704
Surgery (Vascular)01 414 2093
Urology01 414 4163/3863

Description of Department/Service

The Out Patients Department in Tallaght University Hospital is a busy place with up to 140 clinics running every week in this Department. The Outpatients Service is responsible for registering all new referrals for outpatient appointments and managing the patient when attending the service for appointments with consultants either for the first time or as a return patient.

The outpatient clinics include Medical, Surgical, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, Rheumatology, Ear nose and throat, Diabetes, Thyroid, Oncology, Vascular and Ophthalmology.

In the Department there are eight suites with anything between six and 10 rooms in each suite.

Clinics are run on appointment basis, in time order. Our consultants and there team can be called to a medical emergency which can sometimes delay the start of clinics this is regrettable but unavoidable. When you arrive at your clinic you will be advise if the clinic is running late. People are informed if clinics are running late. Patients often bring a something to read while they wait as it helps to pass the time.

If you are not going to attend for your appointment please let us know on time so we can offer another patient an appointment. Also if you are going to be late please inform us so appointments can be reorganised.

Following consultation a patient may need to make a return appointment or a discharge plan at the secretary’s office.

Sometimes patients may need to be admitted to the Hospital following their appointment this will be organised by the OPD team and Bed Management.

The department is very busy but there will always be a member of staff around to help with your enquiry.


Out Patients Dept (OPD) is situated on the right of the main entrance. To access the department pass the reception desk and turn right onto the main street, and turn into entrance 3.

Patient Information

All referrals received requesting outpatient appointments with a consultant are processed through the Central Referrals Office. Each referral is then triaged by a clinician and designated to be either a routine or an urgent priority. An Outpatient Waiting List entry is created by the relevant administrative team for each patient based on this priority and your appointment is allocated based on this decision.

Your GP will receive an acknowledgement of the referral. 

You will be notified by post of your appointment unless it is an urgent or a short notice appointment in which case you will be phoned to confirm your appointment details. In general you will also receive a text message reminder of your appointment.

Preparing for your Appointment

Before you attend your appointment please make a note of the questions you would like to ask – often these questions can be forgotten during the consultation.

Make sure you bring an up-to-date list of the medicines you are taken including vitamins and health supplements you are taking but were not prescribed by a medical professional.

The Hospital following consultation with service users have produced the following leaflet which is a handy way to keep this information in one place – MY MEDICINES
Keep a track of your symptoms, when they started and if there is anything in particular that makes you feel better or worse

If you want a family member / friend to come to the appointment with you make sure the time suits them.

Checking In

When you arrive at the Hospital, Patients need to check in at the Information Kiosks which are located in the main atrium of the Hospital. The Kiosk will print out directions to your clinic and electronically inform the Clinic you have arrived. If you need help in using the Kiosk our Volunteers are happy to provide assistance. If the Kiosk is not accepting your registration please go to the reception desk in the main Atrium and they will be able to tell you where your Clinic is located.

If tests are required, for example at medical clinics, your Temperature Pulse and B/P may be taken, or you may be asked for a Urine specimen. Charts are read by the staff prior to seeing a Doctor.

After you attend your appointment the doctor will decide if you require another appointment or a diagnostic test or to discharge you from the service. Normally if your return appointment is within six weeks it will be booked at the clinic but if it is for later than six weeks you will be placed on the Return Outpatient Waiting List and notified of your appointment in due course.

Please note if you ’Do Not Attend’ for your appointment without notifying us you may be discharged back to your GP or moved to the bottom of the Outpatient Waiting List in line with hospital policy.

Please note that if you cancel two consecutive appointments you may be discharged back to your GP in line with hospital policy.

During your Appointment

  • Make sure you have asked all the questions that you had noted
  • Make sure what happens next i.e. you need to come back for tests
  • Ask if you do not understand any of the terms the doctor or nurse uses 

If You Are Unable To Make Your Appointment

By missing your appointments and not telling us in good time, you could put your own health at risk and make others wait longer. If you receive an appointment date and you know you will be unable to attend please contact us on the number provided in your appointment letter to let us know.

Cancellation By Us

We try to keep every appointment we make, but medical emergencies and unforeseen circumstances mean that we sometimes have to cancel appointments. If this happens, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused and will arrange a new date for you as soon as possible. Please note that the hospital cannot reimburse you for any costs incurred as a result of a cancellation.