Patient Services for Adults

Dr. Veronica O’ Doherty PhD, Principal Psychologist
Veronica is the Principal Psychology Manager / Head of the Psychology Department in Tallaght University Hospital. Veronica provides a clinical service for people with coronary artery disease who may have depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other psychological issues associated with coping with their health condition. Veronica also lectures in Trinity College Dublin and on the MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Veronica is the programme manager for the Living Well programme (a six week self-management course for people with chronic illness).

Veronica will do an assessment on your psychological needs and then suggest options appropriate for your needs. Services offered are: Individual Based Psychotherapy, a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group for people with depression and the Living Well Programme for People with Chronic Disease. Veronica is interested in compassion research. Veronica also provides talks/workshops on relevant topics/mindfulness on request.

Telephone: (01) 414 4599

Referrals: Referrals are received from the cardiac rehabilitation team.

Living well programme contacts are:  1) Catherine Heaney (Tuesday to Thurs 9:30am – 5.30pm)
Tel: 01 459 0708/086 790 7778 


2) Veronica Lucas (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) 085 280 5388

Dr. Neil Austin, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist: Adult Neurology Service
Neil works as part of the Hospital’s Adult Neurology Service.  In some cases Neurological conditions can bring changes in attention, memory or mood (among many other areas).  Neil offers specialist assessment and interpretation of these abilities, so as to help other clinicians (and patients and families) understand them better.  This can be very useful in planning further medical, surgical and other care, but also can be very valuable for patients and their families in helping them to make sense of and learn to cope with the changes they might be experiencing.   

In many cases people are referred to Neil not for formal neuropsychological assessment as described above, but for support to help them understand or manage symptoms or for support in finding ways to deal with diagnosis of a neurological illness.

It is often very helpful for a Neuropsychologist to speak to a family member or someone who knows the client well, so if you have been referred please think carefully about who can help you give the clearest account of your situation.  Also please make sure you bring along any reading glasses or hearing aid you might need.  It can often be helpful to have a list of your current medication. 

Telephone: (01) 414 4599

Referrals: Referrals are received from the Neurology service at Tallaght University Hospital. We are unable to see clients who are not under the care of the Neurology service here.

Dr. Aine Connolly, Senior Clinical Psychologist: Stroke Service
Aine works with people who have had stroke both while they are in hospital and after discharge home. One part of Aine’s role, involves assessment of ‘cognitive abilities’, such as memory, language and attention, reasoning, planning and judgement. To help you, your family and the stroke team make sense and understand these changes; you might be referred to Aine for an assessment of your abilities in these areas. As part of these assessments it is often very helpful to speak to a family member who knows  you well, so if you have been referred please think carefully about who can help you give the clearest account of your situation. If you are attending Aine for one of these assessments please bring your glasses and hearing aid with you. It can often be helpful to have a list of your current medication.

After a stroke a person can experience a range of emotions such as sadness, loss, anger and fear. Aine also provides therapeutic intervention to support people in coming to terms with having had a stroke. You may be referred to Aine for support and to help you to make sense of your feelings and to explore ways to manage these feelings. 

Telephone: (01) 414 4599

Referrals: Referrals are received from the Stroke Team in Tallaght University Hospital.

Dr. Margaret Spelman PhD, Senior Clinical Psychologist: Diabetes Team
Margaret is a senior clinical psychologist who works with individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes. One aspect of her work involves helping patients to adjust their behaviour, so that they adhere to their treatment regime. Margaret helps patients adapt to using pro-diabetic behaviours to help reduce high-risk behaviours.

Living with a diagnosis of diabetes can present many challenges to an individual and can be somewhat difficult to adjust to. Patients may experience psychological distress as a result of this, in the form of anxiety, depression for example. Margaret provides support and where necessary therapeutic intervention to help patients identify unhelpful ways of coping and in turn, help patients to develop more effective ways of coping.

Telephone: (01) 414 4599

Referrals: Referrals received from the Diabetes Team in Tallaght University Hospital