The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre has been established in line with TUH’s Strategy to develop a culture of innovation throughout the Hospital.

Our aims are:

  • To encourage user-derived innovation and idea generation
  • Support innovation projects and processes
  • Signpost funding calls and opportunities
  • Foster mentorship and industry connections to develop innovation
  • That innovation will improve patient care and make the Hospital more efficient and more attractive to staff and external partnerships

We are:

Dr. Natalie Cole (Head of Innovation)
Dr. Natalie Cole (Head of Innovation)
Dr. Cole has over 20 years’ experience in research and innovation both locally and internationally. She is establishing the Innovation department and leading the development of Innovation in TUH.

Dr. Hannah O’Keeffe (Innovation SpR)
Dr. Hannah O'Keeffe (Innovation SpR)
Dr. O’Keeffe is a Nephrology SpR who has previously worked clinically in TUH, and is working alongside Dr. Cole to develop innovation and provide clinical insights.

Contact details:

Contact: Natalie Cole (Head of Innovation) and Hannah O’Keeffe (Innovation SpR)

Email Address:

Phone number: 353 1 424 5960

Idea Clinics

Each week they hold Idea Clinics in the Innovation Hub in the Atrium.