Central Referrals Office

The TUH Outpatients’ Department runs over 100 clinics across 30 Adult specialties, this excludes nurse, technician and Allied Health Professional clinics. The Department holds consultations with approx 132,000 Adult patients every year. Clinics are scheduled to run from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday weekly, with morning & afternoon sessions. The Hospital only accepts GP referrals through the HSE National eReferral system called Healthlink, by post or by hand to our Out Patients Department. Please note the Hospital no longer accepts referrals by fax.

Accessing our outpatient clinics
To obtain an appointment within the TUH Outpatient Service, a patient must first have a referral from one of the following sources of referral.

  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Emergency Department
  • Consultant to consultant
  • Inpatient referrals originating from an admission
  • Other Hospitals or Health Centres
  • National and regional specialist clinics including National Cancer Control Programme

How are referrals submitted?
GP Referrals can be submitted to the department in person, by post, and electronically via Healthlink.

Post: Central Referrals Office Outpatients Department Tallaght University Hospital Tallaght, Dublin 24. D24 NR0A       

Electronically: via Healthlink

By Hand: At the Outpatient reception desk in the main Out Patient Department in TUH.

The central referrals office will send acknowledgement letters to GPs for all consultant services except Dermatology & Colposcopy who send their own acknowledgement letters.  

What happens after we receive the referral?
The referral is assessed by the consultant team and issued with a priority, this is based on clinical need. An appointment date is issued based on this priority. Note that waiting times vary depending on the specialty.

If referral is urgent priority: The Patient is added to an urgent Outpatient waiting list and an appointment will be offered in chronological order. Please be aware that different specialties have different waiting times for their waiting lists.

If referral is routine priority: Patient  is added to a routine waiting list and will be notified of the routine priority. Confirmed appointment dates are issued six to eight weeks before the confirmed date. Please be aware that different specialties have different waiting times for their waiting lists.