Electronic Orthopaedic Referrals


The National Centre for the Treatment of Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures Tallaght University Hospital
The following instructions relate to tertiary Pelvic & Acetabular fractures only. This email referral process must be used. Hand Written letters will not be accepted.

 **Updated January 2018

To refer a patient:

  1. Copy and paste the referral template information in to an email and send to orthopelvis@tuh.ie
  2. Radiology images can be sent via NIMIS. Alternatively;
  3. Attach Radiograph Images: maximum of five radiograph images, including Pelvic Fractures: AP Pelvis, In-let, Out-let views, Acetabular Fractures: AP Pelvis, Judet Views (Internal Oblique, Obturator Oblique)
  4. Attach Radiology Images: We do not require the entire CT Pelvis to be transmitted electronically, if relevant: please select a maximum of 12 small sized cuts with four per image/page (a CD should be sent with the patient with ALL relevant radiographs on transfer)
  5. The total size of all attachments must be less than 10MB. It may be possible to attach PACS images which are less than 10MB but for ease of viewing via internet explorer within the hospital, a JPG file representation would be preferred. 

Click here for Template

 After referral:

  1. An automated acknowledgement of your referral will be sent.
  2. The National Co-ordinator for the service will liaise with the Pelvic & Acetabular team in Tallaght Hospital to establish whether the patient can be accepted.
  3. The National Co-ordinator will contact the referring hospital to confirm acceptance. If accepted admission dates will be agreed.
  4. Following admission and surgery, the National Co-ordinator will contact the referring hospital in relation to returning the patient. The referring hospital has an obligation to accept the patient back once the surgery has been completed and the team in Tallaght University Hospital are satisfied that patient can be transferred.


National Co-ordinator Contact Details

Ms Pauline Harrison, tel: +353-(0)1 414 2348 or call hospital switch +353-(0)1 414 2000 bleep 1155

Data Protection:

It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure the email is encrypted before being transmitted over the public Internet. It should be noted that personal webmail accounts such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Live mail do not encrypt email. It is understood that non encrypted email containing patient data breaches data protection law.

If the sender has any doubt in this regard he/she should refer to their own ICT department. The hospital’s email system is encryption enabled. Organisations which exchange email with Tallaght University Hospital can do so by “SMTP over TLS” encryption. This means that the sending organisation’s email server communicates with the Tallaght University Hospital email system provided it supports “SMTP over TLS”.