New exhibition to mark 25th Anniversary of Tallaght University Hospital

Inside Out
(August 2nd 2023) A new exhibition about Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) has just been launched, to mark the Hospital’s 25th Anniversary and is called Inside Out. It is currently displayed on Hospital Street in TUH itself. The public can also view the exhibition on the windows of the I-RES community space at Tallaght Cross West.

The exhibition has been produced and curated by the Arts & Health, Communications and Medical Photography Departments at TUH and shows how the Hospital has evolved over the past 25 years. When it first opened, TUH employed 1,600 staff, today that figure has more than doubled to 3,500 people, with many new services.

The Inside Out exhibition also showcases images of creative projects and artworks which many local patients and community members participated in over the years. It has a multimedia element so that people can use their smartphones to scan a QR code to load short videos. These 10 films contain edited interviews with different staff members who share their favourite memories, as well as their recollections of the day the Hospital first opened. There is also a video with the first ever patient to arrive at TUH.

TUH Arts Officer, Alison Baker Kerrigan says, Passers-by are invited to reflect upon an eclectic mix of documentary photographs taken of the Hospital during the initial building phase around 1998, contrasted against photographs of the campus as it stands today. It also shows the important links that bind our healthcare staff, creative projects and our patients, into what we have become today".

I-RES’ support of the Inside Out exhibition builds upon a long-standing relationship with TUH, and the company is delighted to be able to showcase the hospital’s rich history in their community space windows at Tallaght Cross West.

In addition to providing over 650 high quality rental homes in Tallaght, I-RES plays an active role in the local community. Working with TUH, the company has supported the delivery of the Reeves Day Surgery Centre at Tallaght Cross West. This unit is located across the road from the Hospital and has four operating theatres. The Reeves Day Surgery Centre which is the first of its kind in Ireland, is part of TUH.

Alongside the partnership with TUH, I-RES works closely with local community partners including Citywise Education, Tallaght Community Council and Shamrock Rovers, many of whom will also use the I-RES Tallaght Cross West community space over the year.