TUH Announce Series of Talks to Support Community Health Awareness Month

(September 15th 2023) Professor Kelly is just one of a wide range of TUH experts taking part in an interesting series of health talks, during October for Health Awareness Month. All of the lectures organised by the Hospital will take place in Tallaght Library and are free to attend. 

The first talk in the series will look at “How to eat well and exercise during the menopause”. This presentation will be made by Dietitian Sarah Gill along with Physiotherapist Eimear Lee Moloney, both of whom work as part of the Women’s Health Team at TUH. This event will begin at 6pm, on Wednesday, October 4th.

Professor Brendan Kelly’s lecture is the second talk planned. He will look at, “How we can use mindfulness to help us manage stress, as well as anxiety and depression”. This talk will take place in Tallaght Library at 2pm, on Tuesday, October 10th.

The third talk in the series will focus on, “How the public can recognise sepsis, early in a loved one”. It will be delivered by Dr. Sarmad Waqas, a Consultant Physician and specialist in infectious diseases along with his colleague Deepthi Chakkittakandy a specialist Sepsis Nurse. Their interactive lecture will take place at 11am on Thursday, October 12th, during which they will also outline how the public can help prevent sepsis from starting, in the first place.

The final talk in the series will return to the topic of women’s health by explaining “What Endometriosis is and how it can be treated.” This presentation will be delivered by Rebecca McEvoy, a Clinical Nurse Manager with specialist training in endometriosis, along with her colleague Sarah Dineen who is a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in pelvic health. This talk will take place at 6pm, on Tuesday, October 24th.  

Lucy Nugent, the CEO of TUH says “I hope many of our community will be able to  attend these valuable talks with leading experts. They enable TUH to truly become a hospital without walls, extending our reach into the local community, not just for treatment but also health awareness and prevention. There is no admission charge and all are welcome.” 

This series of talks is run in partnership with the Fettercairn Community Health Project. Its coordinator Samantha Griffin says, “We are delighted to once again with the support of the lectures run by TUH to mark October Health Awareness Month. They are a very welcome addition to our calendar because as we all know when it comes to any illness, prevention is better than cure.”

The full timetable for the talks, which all take place in Tallaght Library is as follows…

October 4th 2023 6pm - The importance of eating well and exercising during the menopause by speakers Eimear Lee Moloney, Physiotherapist and Sarah Gill, Dietitian

October 10th 2023 2pm - Mindfulness and other approaches to anxiety & depression. This talk will explain how mindfulness works and is one of the most accessible ways to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The speaker is Professor Brendan Kelly, Consultant Psychiatrist at TUH and Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin. 

October 12th 2023 11am - How to quickly identify if a loved one has Sepsis. This talk will teach you what to do if someone is developing sepsis and how to prevent Sepsis devloping in the first place. The talk will be delivered by Dr. Sarmad Waqas, Consultant Physician & specialist in infections diseases and Deepthi Chakkittakandy, Nurse Specialist in Sepsis.

October 24th 2023 6pm - Endometriosis, what is it and what can be done about it. The talk will explain what this chronic long term condition is and how it can impact women of any age, also why awareness is so important and most importantly how the condition can be treated. The talk will be delivered by Rebecca McEvoy, Nurse Manager Endometriosis Specialist and Sarah Dineen, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health.