Ways You Can Help Us

TUH is first and foremost a place where people care for people. Given that the care we provide can come at some of the most difficult times in a person’s life, every interaction in our hospital is crucially important to ensure a high quality patient experience.

The patient journey is about every interaction the patients have within the Hospital. As a hospital that interacts with tens of thousands of people each year, it is vital that we capture the nature of these interactions and how patients experience our services. This is crucially important information which informs how we can improve our service.

Who best to provide this information but our patients, their families and visitors.
You can help TUH by:

  • Tell us what is important to you – what do we do well and what areas could improvements be made?
  • Observe our ‘No Smoking’ policy whilst in the Hospital but also on our grounds outside
  • Observe our Infection Control Notices as you travel through the Hospital – Clean Hands Save Lives 
  • Respect our visiting times – whilst it is important for patients to have visitors it is also essential they receive rest. This helps them with their recovery 
  • Consider the needs of other patients and staff during your time in the Hospital