LocationLevel 3

01 414 4106  

When ringing the ward to enquire about a relative please ring after 8.30am to enable nursing handover from one shift to another to be carried out uninterrupted. Please be aware that information can only be given out over the phone to the next of kin.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are regarded as an important part of the patient's day and are very welcome.  The welfare of the patient must, however, always be taken into consideration. If the patient is likely to become unduly upset or tired, certain visiting restrictions may be imposed. Patients need adequate rest to help the healing process.

Daily visiting hours in the Adult Hospital are from: 2pm - 4pm and from 6.30pm - 8.30pm

How to Find Us

Webb Ward is located on Level 3 in the Hospital. Take the lift or stairs in the main atrium to Level 3 and follow the signs to Webb Ward. 

History of Webb Ward

The Webb Ward is named after Dr. Ella Webb who was lady district superintendent in the Alexandra College St John's Ambulance Brigade from 1914, and was on duty during the Easter Rising. During the conflict she set up an emergency hospital in Merrion Square to deal with the wounded. For her bravery during this time she was made a Lady of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (1916), and later awarded an MBE. In 1918, Dr. Webb was appointed as an anaesthetist to the Adelaide Hospital, making her the first female member of staff. She focused on the treatment of childhood ailments, particularly those relating to poor diet and hygiene, reporting on the high mortality rate in children under one in Dublin. Dr. Webb emphasised the importance of the patients social situation and succeeded in having a social worker (known then as a Lady Almoner) appointed to the Adelaide Hospital.  Dr. Webb later worked in St. Ultan's Hospital and set up the Children's Sunshine Home in Stillorgan in 1930. 

Description of Webb Ward

Today, the Webb Ward is a 31 bed medical ward specialising in haematology, oncology medicine and palliative end of life care. We support patients and their families through difficult and challenging journeys, aimed at maximising recovery and quality of life. The Silver Birch Suite on the ward is a patient and family room which provides an area of peace and tranquility symbolising courage, determination and renewal. Each week the ward is supported through the Hospital Arts Office in the provision of therapeutic music aimed at enhancing a calm and peaceful environment. 

The Nursing service philosophy on Webb Ward is to provide excellence in nursing practice through patient centred care and supportive teamwork. We aim to work with our patients, families and each other within a sensitive, caring and safe environment. 

Elective Patients

For elective patients please bring in list of current medications on admission.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services are available for patients. Nursing Staff will arrange for a member of the Pastoral Care Team to visit a patient if required.  

Day of Discharge

Once your discharge day is planned, hospital policy aims to have all patients discharged by 11am. Please think through what arrangements you need to put in place to get home from hospital. On discharge, all patients are given a discharge letter for their G.P. and a prescription. An appointment for follow up will be made if necessary.

Visiting Guidelines

Visitors are regarded as an important part of the patient's day and are very welcome at Tallaght Hospital. Please note Patient safety is our number one priority. We have strict policies on infection prevention and control which apply to everyone: staff, patients and visitors. We would ask all visitors observe the following: 

  • Only two visitors permitted to visit at any one time
  • The Hospital is a no smoking hospital this includes the use of electronic smoking devices
  • To avoid bringing infection into the ward, visitors are asked not to visit if they're suffering from colds, flu or infections
  • If you are bringing food into patients, please check with the staff in charge - this is to decrease the risk of food contamination and patients may also be on a restricted diet
  • Use visitor toilets rather than patient toilets this reduces the risk of cross-infection
  • Please dispose of any litter properly, help us to keep our communal areas and entrances clean. This includes lifts and stairwells
  • Please note that for infection control reasons flowers or plants are not permitted
  • Please note that visiting during mealtimes is forbidden. This enables patients’ to eat and enjoy their meals uninterrupted, an essential requirement for good nutrition so our patients can recover more quickly. The only exception to this is if you are a carer providing assistance with a patient’s mealtime
  • Never bring alcohol or drugs to patients

End of life symbol

If you see this symbol when visiting the wards please be aware of its importance. This spiral symbol means that a patient is imminently dying or has died. We would ask all visitors to be respectful and avoid mobile phone use and to be prepared to meet people who are grieving during your time on the ward.


We advise all patients not to bring valuables with you during an admission i.e. cash or jewellery. The Hospital is not responsible for patients’ valuables, if kept by the patient. If you do happen to carry cash or items of value with you, there is a patient safe on ward which your nurse can lodge things in.