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Admissions & Scheduled Care OfficeWe are open Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm
General Surgery / ENT / Gynaecology / Vascular / Urology Enquiries01 414 2800 / 01 414 2801
Orthopaedic enquires01 414 2805 (9am-2pm)
Admissions Assessment Office01 414 3028/ 3030
How to find usTo find the Admissions Assessment Office enter main reception, turn right at the lifts, take first left and the office is the first door on the left.

Referral Procedure for Elective Surgery

Patients who need to be placed on a waiting list for in-patient treatment are referred from the Out Patients Department and entered onto the hospital waiting list.

Admission Arrangements

We have approximately 2,000 patients on our inpatient waiting lists for whom we expect to deliver the highest standards of care including appropriate and timely medical care.

Patients are admitted to Tallaght University Hospital either by elective admission (pre-arranged) or emergency admission through our Emergency or Outpatients Departments.

Waiting Lists

Please advise the Admissions Office immediately if you are unable to attend your scheduled admission or need to request to have it rescheduled. This enables the hospital to offer the bed assigned to you to another patient on our waiting list.

If you change any of your contact details i.e. address or phone number please contact the office as soon as possible to update your records and allow us to contact you in a timely manner.

Pre Assessment Clinic

You may receive an appointment to attend a pre-assessment clinic within three months of your intended admission to the Hospital. This appointment takes approximately 30-45 minutes. For further information please read the attached leaflet.

Appointment Instructions

A letter will be sent to patients informing them of their provisional admission date and instructions to contact the admissions office.

It is important that you follow the instructions on this letter. If instructed, please contact the office, prior to travel, to ensure that there is a bed available and prevent a possible wasted journey, as your admission is contingent on availability of beds. Once your bed is confirmed please report to the admissions assessment office. To find the Admissions Assessment Office enter main reception, turn right at the lifts, take first left and the office is the first door on the left.

If you are booked to come in as a Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA) you will have attended our pre-assessment clinic (see above).

On the morning of your admission you will report directly to the Admissions Assessment Office at your allocated time where you will be checked in to hospital and taken to the DOSA lounge. Here you will be admitted by the nurse, the doctor and reviewed by the anaesthetist prior to your surgery. You will have your surgery that day so it is important you have followed all instructions given to you at pre-assessment and by your doctor. For further information please read the attached leaflet.

On Day of Admission

Being admitted to a Hospital may seem daunting and make you feel anxious, however, the staff at Tallaght Hospital are dedicated to your care and wellbeing please tell them if you are feeling anxious or having any questions. 

What Do I Bring?

You will only need essential items, such as:

  • Sleepwear
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Any equipment used in your care (i.e., crutches, prosthetics, C-pap machine, hearing aids, eyeglasses, etc.)
  • Medication
  • You may want to bring some books / magazines to read during your stay
  • A notebook and pen to keep a record of any questions you may have, keep note of information you have been given or a record of any follow up appointments you need to attend
  • Private insurance or medical card details

Please do not bring:
- Large sums of money
- Jewellery - If you are admitted without advance preparation, ask family members or friends to take your jewellery home
- Other valuables - For safety reasons, electronics, laptops, iPods and iPads should not be kept in your possession while in the Hospital.

When Can My Family and Friends Visit Me?

Visitor Information

Where should I go?

On your day of Admission please proceed to the Admissions Assessment Office where staff will confirm your patient details and register you to the Hospital system. To find the Admissions Assessment Office enter main reception, turn right at the lifts, take first left and the office is the first door on the left.

What happens when I need to go home?

You will be advised by your medical team when you are ready to go home. But to be prepared it is important to ensure you have arranged a lift home, you have all your belongings and that you have any prescriptions or letters of referral that you may require after discharge.

Where possible the Hospital try to have patients home by 11am in the morning, if you cannot get a lift home at this time you will be directed to the Hospital’s Transition Lounge, this is to enable other inpatients access to beds as soon as possible.

Please note the Hospital cannot provide a laundry service so please make suitable arrangements with family / friends

Useful Information:

Please read the attached leaflets for further information around admissions and pre assessment