Contact Names/Numbers/Email Addresses

 Head of Department:Dr. Mary White & Dr. Mark Campbell
Director of ICU:Dr. Lindi Snyman
Department Secretary:

Tel: 01 414 2653 

Description of Department/Service

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) provides round the clock scheduled and emergency anaesthesiology and critical care services for adult and paediatric patients at TUH. The Department is staffed by 22 consultants of whom six work between TUH and Naas General Hospital sites.

The Department is approved for higher specialist training by the College of Anaesthesiology of Ireland, the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland and the Faculty of Pain Medicine. Additionally the department provides structured undergraduate teaching to students of the Trinity College Dublin Medical School as well as contributing to postgraduate Nurse education.

Some of the clinical services provided by the Department includes:

  • Preoperative patient assessment (nurse led)
  • Anaesthesiology for Adult & Paediatric surgery (this includes trauma, elective orthopaedics, spinal surgery, ENT, gynaecology, general surgery, psychiatry, urology)
  • Critical Care services (includes critical care, Resuscitation, in-hospital Emergency Response Team etc.)

Patient Information

There are four different hospital admission routes for patients receiving services from the anaesthesia department. The process varies depending on the route by which you will be admitted the hospital:

  • Emergency patients & Elective Patients admitted overnight before surgery: These patients will be visited pre-operatively in the hospital by a member of the anaesthesiology team rostered to anaesthetise you for your surgery.
  • Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA) patients & Day Case Patients: These patients undergo Preoperative Assessment several days to weeks before surgery either over the telephone or else in person at the nurse-led Preoperative Assessment clinic located beside the hospital Day Ward (1st floor). Once reviewed by the Preoperative Assessment nurses and passed fit for surgery this group of patients will be informed by the hospitals Admissions Office of a date for their surgery. Day Case patients come in on the morning of their surgery and are discharged after surgery the same day. DOSA patients are admitted on the morning of their surgery and remain in the hospital overnight postoperatively. 

Anaesthesiology Consultants

Dr. Nader Al Mane
Dr. Rita Chaudhir
Dr. Fergal Day
Dr. Kieran Foley
Dr. Anne Heffernan
Dr. Shakeel Kazmi

Anaesthesiologist SI Pain Medicine
Dr. Philip Hu
Professor Camillus Power

Dr. Mark Campbell
Dr. Sallyann Colbert
Dr. Judith Connolly
Dr. Patrick Conroy
Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Dr. Victoria McMullan
Dr. Ciara Jean Murphy
Dr. Katrina O'Sullivan
Dr. Karthik Srinivasan
Dr. Karen Tan
Dr. Mary White
Dr. Robert Whitty

Anaesthesiologists, SI ICU
Dr. Arabella Fahy
Dr. Lindi Snyman
Dr. Aoife Doolan
Dr. Laura Flood
Dr. Parvan Parvanov
Dr. Amr Mohammed
Dr. Tamas Tiszai Szucs

Intensive Care Medicine
Dr. Paul Tierney
Dr. Yvelynne Kelly

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